Bring Latest AI to Make Subtitling Easier

Research on speech recognition (ASR) AI technology and apply to transcription and subtitling.
HK based development team.

PLUS AI-powered Subtitling Tool AI Tool
  • 🟒   Most popular subtitling tool in HK
  • 🟒   Cantonese to Chi / Eng in 1 click
  • 🟒   Save 78% manual subtitling effort
  • 🟒   Start for free, no card required
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PREMIUM One-stop Subtitling Service Service
  • 🟒   Professional subtitling team
  • 🟒   Timestamp, transcribe, translate
  • 🟒   Urgent order / queuing discount
  • 🟒   Express in-day delivery
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Enterprise Bring ASR/STT into business processes Solution
  • 🟒   Industry-leading accuracy
  • 🟒   >80 lang: Cantonese, Eng, Chi, etc.
  • 🟒   Lang detection, speaker diarization
  • 🟒   Cloud via API / deploy on-prem
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Vision & Mission


To ease the tedious subtitling workflow for creators. We bring the latest AI and a user-friendly editing interface so that creators and newbies can save subtitling effort and focus on creating content.


Committed to contributing more Cantonese language data online through video subtitles, enabling more accurate Cantonese AI services. Let Cantonese be seen and conserved.

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